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It all started with a small wooden bearing.

Wall-type Viscous Friction Dampers, VFD

This is a wall-type vibration control device that integrates a vibration damper (VD) and a friction damper (FD), offering the features of both at the same time.


  • VFDs can dampen a wide range of vibrations, from small tremors to major earthquakes.
  • The wall-type FD and VD can be connected above or below one another, allowing them to be placed into a single location. This helps to save space.
  • Transfers of frictional and viscous force are parallel and simple, so structures can be designed as usual.


The VD gradually absorbs energy, starting at small amplitudes, to reduce aftershocks and response acceleration during earthquakes. The FD moves above a certain frictional force to absorb a large amount of energy and reduce deformation in the event of a large response displacement.

Basic characteristics

These characteristics are for a VD and an FD combined in parallel. The damper is a combination of a wall-type VD and FD, both of which we have an extensive record of delivering, so you can rest assured while using the damper.