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It all started with a small wooden bearing.

Design Support Tools

Allows you to select higher-reliability bearings by considering basic design items according to the design procedure of OILES bearings.

Describes the basic design items to help design better OILES bearings. Selection and design of OILES bearings, environmental temperature and PV value

Service Range

Describes the allowable surface pressure, allowable velocity, allowable PV value and service temperature range of the bearings.

Capable of calculating a fitting for fixing the bearings by press-fitting in a simple manner.

Capable of calculating P and V values automatically for each product shape and movement form.

Describes a method to calculate an estimated wear amount so as to estimate the service life of bearings based on the conditions such as a load, velocity, etc.

Describes the consideration of time-based progress of wear and concept of the estimated wear amount.

Describes stress relaxation which is a phenomenon taking place in fixing the bearings by press-fitting.

General criteria for grease selection and major grades are listed.

Describes the corrosion resistance data of the base resin and base metal of OILES bearings.