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It all started with a small wooden bearing.

Bingham Material-Stopper, BM-S


  • 1. High Damping Performanc

    High energy absorbing function will reduce the seismic force and displacement in an earthquake.

  • 2. Design Flexibility

    Compact size and rich lineup of products will allow the flexible arrangement of dampers of the required number and performance.

  • 3. Economy

    Provides an economical solution for anti-seismic reinforcement with less ancillary works. Can cut down the working cost.

Product Registered for NETIS/ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism: No. QS-060010-V

Anti-Seismic Reinforcement

The application of BM-S for movable pier of fixed/movable type bridge will disperse the seismic force to the movable piers as well to reduce the loading to the fixed bridge pier. BM-S will reduce the seismic force and displacement to provide the flexibility for the selection of resistance force in accordance with the durability of the movable bridge pier with its high energy absorbing performance. It also provides with the solution for anti-seismic reinforcement with no requirement for replacement of existing bearings.

BM-S will provide an improved damping effect and reduced displacement by applying it to the reaction force dispersion bridges with rubber bearing which is not expected for very high damping performance.

Vibration Control Bridge (New Bridge Construction)

A vibration control bridge using BM-S will control the displacement of superstructure of the bridge in an earthquake with the improved damping performance of the bridge to realize more compact bearings and the decreased clearance between girders. The vibration control bridge will be one of the effective solutions for cost down for a bridge construction condition with any restriction for building a pier, because of its flexibility for adjusting the share of horizontal force on the substructures by the simultaneous use of rubber bearing and movable bearing or a proper selection of damping resistance.
The simultaneous use of seismic isolation bearing and damper will reduce the capacity of damper as well, making it more economical.


Operating Principle

BM-S is a high performance damper utilizing the resistance of the flow of the special filler.
BM-S consists of the special filler and the piston/rod in the cylinder.
BM-S will transform the vibration of the bridge into the relative movement of cylinder and rod in an earthquake to control the response acceleration and displacement of the superstructure of the bridge utilizing its generated resisting force.

Basic Characteristics

Basic Characteristics

Basic Characteristics The hysteresis of resistance force and displacement of BM-S shows a rectangular friction hysteresis type with the characteristics of extremely high energy absorption rate.

Characteristic of Loose Speed

The resistance force of BM-S decreases to about 1/5 of the rated resistance force for slow displacement due to temperature changes in the girder.

Verification Test

Temperature Dependence

BM-S shows very low temperature dependence. The resistance force scarcely changes from that at normal temperature (23℃) even under the 30℃ or 50℃ environments.

Repeated Durability Test

BM-S shows an excellent durability to the repeated load. The resistance force scarcely changes before and after 50 cycles of excitation.