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It all started with a small wooden bearing.

Health and Safety Initiatives

We strive to establish safe, secure, and comfortable working environments under the basic principle of protecting employee health and safety. All employees work together to create a safe climate based on our occupational health and safety management system, which was set up in accordance with the relevant Japanese laws and regulations.

Policy and System for Occupational Health and Safety

The Oiles Group formulated its Health and Safety Management Standards to prevent industrial accidents and diseases. These designate responsibilities for improving employee health and safety and establishing a clean and wholesome work environment. We are also executing our health and safety action policy to fulfill our social obligation to ensure safe operations and a sound work environment while protecting the health and well-being of employees and to achieve sustainable growth by engaging every employee in health and safety initiatives. Our central committee on health and safety is in place to examine and deliberate on various health and safety issues and share feedback with the company. At the same time, the Fujisawa, Shiga, Ashikaga, and Oita Plants each maintain their own committees. In addition, domestic offices across the country are divided into east and west zones, each with its own committee. Under this system, the entire company is actively involved in health and safety activities.

Health and Safety Organization Chart

Eliminating Industrial Accidents

We fully comply with laws and regulations on health and safety. The Fujisawa, Shiga, Ashikaga, and Oita Plants each formulate health and safety action plans and voluntary rules as necessary for raising the level of safety management. Moreover, each office conducts a risk assessment to identify potential hazards at work and takes action daily to reduce such risks based on the assessment results. In the event of an industrial accident at a specific site, information is shared with other sites in an effort to eliminate industrial accidents company-wide.

Although the number of occupational accidents decreased in fiscal 2021, we promptly investigated the cause of any accident regardless of scale and, after ensuring safety, reported them to the Labor Standards Inspection Office to prevent recurrence.

Health and Safety Education

The skills training center provides safety training with simulated hazard lessons as part of skills training for new employees, and each workplace offers safety training to new and newly assigned employees. We regularly conduct health and safety training as needed to raise employee awareness. We also provide safety training by position level and encourage members of health and safety committees and managers to acquire qualifications through national examinations, including those related to the Industrial Safety and Health Act. We also offer follow-up training to qualified personnel.