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It all started with a small wooden bearing.

Our Approach to R&D

Our Approach to R&D

  • Undertake research and development of new and creative products and technologies, focusing on patent acquisition through an ongoing deep exploration of tribology and material technology
  • Achieve swift development and commercialization by working with the sales, technology, and production departments in line with the divisional strategy
  • Explore, plan, and work on themes for next-generation products and technologies and undertake joint research with other organizations
  • Make maximum use of organizational capabilities and strive to increase individual skill levels and capabilities, and develop human resources able to work anywhere in the world

R&D Fields

Our fundamental approach is to leverage the core technologies of tribology pertaining to friction, wear and lubrication and damping for seismic isolation and vibration control among other things, and to work with our customers on the development of new products and the improvement of existing products to create products that are the best or the first in the world. Based on this approach, we leverage our tribology technology and the results of our materials development to work on everything from fundamental research to application research in a broad range of fields spanning products and technologies to reduce environmental impact through properties such as the low-friction and long lifespan of self-lubricating plain bearings, and materials development. In the field of seismic isolators and vibration control devices, given the issues that society faces when it comes to including these things not only in new buildings but also in aging buildings and countless pieces of infrastructure, we will continue to refine our core damping technology to protect lives and ensure safety in cities. We also work on R&D to create new added value for different industries and are undertaking fundamental research that applies new technologies.