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It all started with a small wooden bearing.


About Oiles

When was your company established?

We were established on March 11, 1952. We marked our 70th anniversary in March 2022.

What kind of company are you?

Refer to the page below for an overview of our Group.

About our stock

When was your initial public offering?

Over-the-counter registered on December 19, 1989

Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on March 4, 1994.
Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on September 1, 1997.
Transitioned to the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on April 4, 2022.

What is your securities code?

It is 6282.

How many shares are in one of your trading units?


When is your General Meeting of Shareholders?

It is held annually in late June.

Where is your General Meeting of Shareholders held?

It is held in the Multi-purpose Hall on the 4th Floor of the R&D Building of our Fujisawa Head Office.

Do you have a shareholder benefits system?

We introduced a shareholder benefits system starting in the second half of FY2016.

What is your current stock price?

Refer to the page below for stock price information.

What is your dividend policy?

Our basic policy is to pay stable, ongoing dividends while also considering investments to strengthen our future business infrastructure as well as returns to our shareholders, based on our full-year performance and performance forecast going forward. We aim for a consolidated dividend payout ratio of 30% or more.

Where is your shareholder registry administrator?

Our administrator is as follows.

1-3-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Head Office, Stock Transfer Agency Department, Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd.

Where can I inquire about procedures pertaining to stock shares?

Our administrator is as follows.

If you do have an account at a securities firm:
At the securities firm where you have an account.

How can I sell shareholdings of less than one trading unit?

If you wish to sell shareholdings of less than one trading unit, please inquire with the account where those shareholdings are recorded and request sales of the shares.

(Contact for inquiries)
If you have a securities trading account: The securities firm where you have an account

The stock will be sold at its closing price on the date of the request.

Do you have a system for the additional purchase of shareholdings of less than one trading unit?

We do not have such a system.

About our management & business

What is your management philosophy (long-term vision, management strategy)?

Our corporate Group’s management philosophy is “to become a world leader as a general manufacturer of oil-less bearings and serve society through technology.”This is based on our founding spirit and resolution to “Master our core friction, wear and lubrication technologies through creative R&D and apply these technologies worldwide to serve society.”
Refer to the page below for more details.

What is your business portfolio?

Our Group’s business consists of three business portfolios, which are the bearings, structural devices, and architectural devices segments. The breakdown of how much each segment comprised of consolidated net sales in the fiscal year ended March 2023 was 69.7% in the bearings segment, 18.1% in the structural devices segment, and 9.8% in the architectural devices segment.

What was the breakdown of your sales in each field in the bearings segment?

Of the consolidated net sales of ¥43,881 million in the bearings segment, we had net sales of ¥29,434 million in the automotive field, and net sales of ¥14,447 million in other fields (general industrial field).

What is in your Medium-Term Management Plan?

It establishes our medium-term management plans for the three fiscal years from FY2021 through FY2023, and our medium-term management policies are to:
• Achieve growth targets for each business by promoting global management
• Strengthen technological capabilities and improve productivity by effectively utilizing management resources through “Selection and Focus”
• Create an environment and culture where employees’ diversity is respected and employees can grow together with the company

Refer to the pages 21-25 in the financial results briefing materials on the page linked below.

In what types of places are your products used?

Our products are used in a wide variety of places, from cars, multi-functional copiers, and Ferris wheels to ordinary homes, buildings, bridges, and more.
Refer to the page linked below for more details.

How is the spread of electric vehicles (EVs) impacting your company?

CASE*The automotive industry is going through a once-in-a-century period of transformation typified by the keyword CASE*, and we must also adapt to these changes in the environment. For example, the spread of electric vehicles impacts the production of engine-related parts and components. On the other hand, there will be increasing needs for lighter weight vehicles to improve fuel economy. We also anticipate that users will be increasingly interested in the quietness of a car’s interior from the standpoint of greater comfort. Our bearing products can solve those problems, thus we consider this transition to electric vehicles (EVs) to be a business opportunity for our company.

* CASE: Connected, Autonomous/Automated, Shared and Electric.

What are your initiatives toward achieving the SDGs?

We position contributing toward solutions to sustainability issues represented by Environment, Society, and Governance as the mainstay of our business activities. This is based on the awareness that initiatives geared toward sustainability issues such as the SDGs adopted by the United Nations not only contribute to the sustainable development of society but also to increasing our own business value.
Based on this, we are establishing organizational frameworks to comprehend and work on sustainability issues that contribute to increasing the value of our Group in the medium- to long-term. This includes establishing the Sustainability Promotion Council, which is chaired by the president and attended by all directors.
We have published the status of these initiatives in our CSR report starting in 2017, and in our integrated report starting in 2021. Refer to the page below for more details.

What is your approach to corporate governance?

For information about our corporate governance approach and initiatives, please refer to the Corporate Governance Report which we submit to the Tokyo Stock Exchange each year.

How are you working on solutions to the social issues identified in the SDGs?

Our core product oil-less bearings are indispensable parts that lead to environmental impact reductions. Leveraging the tribology technology we developed through oil-less bearings, our core businesses are now seismic isolators and vibration control devices to mitigate damage to buildings and other structures in large earthquakes, and smoke exhaust and ventilation systems which use tribology to ensure safety when fires occur.
Through the characteristics of these businesses and products, we are helping to deliver energy savings and reduce environmental impact in addition to providing safety, security, and comfort for society. From that perspective, we believe that our businesses themselves are significant social contributions, and we want to contribute toward solutions to various social issues through our business.

About our financial results

When does your fiscal year end?

It ends on March 31 each year.

When is your Financial Results Presentation?

Our fiscal year-end financial results presentation is in early May, and our interim financial results are presented in early November.
Consolidated and non-consolidated results are presented simultaneously at both. Refer to our IR calendar for more details.

Where can I find past financial results and other financial information?

Refer to the page below.

What is your performance forecast?

Refer to “Financial Results” for our performance forecast.

What happens at your briefing sessions?

We hold Financial Results Briefings at which our president provides explanations to analysts and institutional investors at the time of the full year and second quarter financial results. Refer to the page linked below for information and details.

Contact us

Please contact us through the link below for any inquiries pertaining to our company.