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It all started with a small wooden bearing.

Policies & Systems

Actions to Protect the Environment

To reduce environmental impact through our business operations and create a sustainable society, the Oiles Group has formulated the following policy to guide activities focused on the environment.

Oiles Group Environmental Policy

Promotion Structure

Environmental Management Committee is set up at the four business establishments and plants in Fujisawa, Shiga, Ashikaga, and Oita. Business operations are conducted under the guidelines formulated in an environment manual provided by the committee.
Furthermore, company-wide support is provided for environmental initiatives by establishing an Environment Sub-Committee to share information such as the progress related to policies, targets, issues, and activities while also building a structure for reporting to the President and Director Responsible for Environmental Matters. The Central Environmental Committee cooperates with the Sub-Committee to enhance environmental protection activities throughout society and promotes the sharing of environmental management systems with domestic and overseas affiliates.

Promotion Structure

See here for details on ISO 14001 certification.