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It all started with a small wooden bearing.

What are Oiles bearings?

Oiles bearings (self-lubricating bearings) are plain bearings that “minimize the amount or frequency of lubrication” or that “can be used with no lubrication at all.”Oiles bearings display excellent durability and performance stability even under severe conditions where ordinary plain bearings cannot maintain performance, and Oiles bearings are used in a variety of fields.

Types of bearings

When talking about machines, they always have bearings in the broad sense of the word, and those bearings are designed to operate without any abnormalities. Bearings can be broadly classified into roller bearings and plain bearings.
Typical plain bearings can seize due to factors such as a high load, the form of motion, foreign matter, temperature conditions, or inadequate lubrication and maintenance.
Even under harsh conditions where normal plain bearings cannot be used, Oiles bearings display the performance required of bearings, such as wear and seizure resistance, to allow machinery to operate at a high level of performance without requiring maintenance.

Features and characteristics of Oiles bearings

Advantages of Oiles bearings

Reduces maintenance costs and lubrication and protects the environment

Can be used at low temperatures, high temperatures, underwater, in seawater, and in a disinfectant depending on the material selected

Can be used when an oil film has difficulty forming, such as during starts and stops of machine
A single bearing can handle rotational and reciprocating motion

Thinner than roller bearings, allowing a compact design

Types of Oiles bearings

Plastic bearings

★Example: Self-lubrication

Dispersed lubricant-impregnated bearings

Porous lubricant-impregnated bearings

Multi-layered bearings

★Example: Self-lubrication

Bearings with Lubricating plastic coated

Lubricant-impregnated bearings

Metallic bearings

★Example: Self-lubrication

Bearings embedded with solid lubricant

Porous lubricant-impregnated bearings

Classification of bearings by material used