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It all started with a small wooden bearing.

Work-Life Balance

We intend to enhance our support systems to enable more efficient and flexible work styles so that all employees can maintain a healthy balance between their work and personal lives and continue to work with vitality and peace of mind.

Paid leave

As part of the reform of working patterns, the Labor Standards Act was revised in 2019, imposing obligations on companies regarding the use of paid leave by employees, and interest in taking paid leave has increased. Before the Act was revised, Oiles' labor and management collaborated to encourage employees to take paid leave. The average rate of annual paid leave taken by employees (full-time and contract employees( in FY2022 was 83.2%, which is well above the government target (70% by 2025).

Support Programs for Balancing Work and Childcare and Nursing Care

One of our efforts to support a sound work-life balance is enhancing our childcare and nursing care leave programs by introducing the following options. All eligible spouses have actively taken maternity leave, and the rate of taking this leave was over 95% in fiscal 2021.

Overview of Childcare & Nursing Care Support Systems

Childcare Description
Childcare leave
  • Until the child's second birthday
Spouse’s maternity leave
  • 3 days
Shortened working hours
  • Until three years have passed since the child entered elementary school
  • Shortened working hours, less than 2 hours
  • Application for exemption from overtime
  • Exemption from late-night shift
Children's nursing care leave
  • Until three years have passed since the child entered elementary school
  • 5 days per child per year, up to 10 days in total
Special childcare leave
  • Individuals raising children with disabilities or children born of multiple birth
  • 12 days a year (can be taken in half-day units), of which 1 day's worth per month is paid
Nursing care Description
Caregiver leave
  • Total of 93 days
Nursing care support measures
  • Shortened working hours, reduced by up to 3 hours a day, with up to 10 hours per month paid
  • Application for exemption from overtime and holiday work
  • Exemption from late-night shift
Nursing care leave
  • 12 days a year (can be taken in half-day units), of which 1 day's worth per month is paid
Common Description
Post-retirement and reemployment system
  • Providing-re-employment opportunities at Oiles for employees who have resigned on their own accord due to marriage, childbirth, childcare, nursing care, or transfer of a spouse

Work-Life Balance Support Systems

Childcare Description
Minimum time off between work shifts
  • Minimum 10 hours between work shifts
Encouraging leaving work on time
  • Two days per week (Wednesdays and Fridays)
Encouraging the planning and taking of paid leave
  • One day off a month upon plan application
  • Consecutive leave of 2 days or more once per year
Paid leave accumulation system
  • Accumulate up to 3 days a year from expired days, maximum 60 days
Birthday month holiday
  • 1-day special holiday during the birthday month
Refreshment leave
  • 10 years of service: 3 consecutive days
  • 20 years of service: 5 consecutive days
  • 30 years of service: 7 consecutive days
  • When rehired after retirement: 10 consecutive days
Support for volunteer activities
  • Special leave: 7 days per year
  • Subsidy for travel expenses(up to 100,000 yen per year)