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It all started with a small wooden bearing.

The Mechanism of Anti-Seismic Reinforcement for Existing Bridges

The application of seismic isolation devices, such as LRB or BM-S, and dampers for replacing the bearings for existing fixed or moving support structure bridges will reduce the loading on the fixed piers owing to the dispersion of seismic force to the movable piers as well.
LRB and BM-S will provide the flexible selection on resisting force characteristics in accordance with the durability of the movable bridge pier.
The high energy absorbing performance of the LRB and BM-S will reduce the seismic force and displacement.
It also provides with the simpler solution for anti-seismic reinforcement with no requirement for replacement of existing bearings.

Movable / Fixed (Existing Bridges)


LRB (No Joint Method)


Practical Examples (BM-S)

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