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It all started with a small wooden bearing.

List of Product Applications

The following table lists the applications for Oiles products in various types of bridges.

Topic Product Main
Prevention of
bridge collapse
Wind Seismic
Bridge-Use Lead Rubber Bearing, LRB Seismic isolation bearing with lead press-fitted into a laminated rubber bearing to provide damping action
Bridge-Use Rubber Bearing, RB A bearing with alternating layers of rubber and steel plates that disperses horizontal force
Bingham Material-Stopper, BM-S A cylindrical damper that uses the flow resistance of a special filler
KU stopper
(square steel stopper)
Displacement restrictions A steel square stopper that is often used to prevent bridges from falling
KP stopper
(viscous fluid damper stopper)
A damper stopper using the flow resistance of a viscous material
OILES Cable Vibration Damper A viscous damper to dampen the cable vibrations of cable-stayed bridges
High Performance Bearing, HPB The sliding material has a low coefficient of friction, so this sliding bearing can withstand high surface pressures and high speeds

*Please consult us separately for products other than those listed above.
*∆ is used in combination with a vertical bearing (rubber or steel bearing).