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It all started with a small wooden bearing.

If You Become a Shareholder

You can receive dividends

You can receive dividends proportionate to the number of shares that you own.
Our Articles of Incorporation specify that we are able to pay dividends twice per year, interim dividends and year-end dividends, based on our full-year performance and performance forecast going forward.

Our basic policy is to pay stable, ongoing dividends while also considering investments to strengthen our future business infrastructure as well as returns to our shareholders.

Dividends per share by year

Dividends per share by year

You can participate in our management

Shareholders who own at least one trading unit (“tangen”) of 100 shares may attend our General Meeting of Shareholders, the highest decision-making body in the company.
You can participate in our management by exercising voting rights proportionate to the number of shares that you own.
If you do not attend the Shareholders’ General Meeting, you can also exercise voting rights online.

See details about our General Meeting of Shareholders here.

We provide you with shareholder bulletins

We provide you with information about the state of our company every half year. (Twice annually)
It includes financial results information, examples of product adoption and the status of our initiatives.

* Our shareholder communication has been published in combination with the Notice of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders since the fiscal year ended March 2019 (68th Term).

You can receive shareholder benefits

We are introducing a shareholder benefits system to express gratitude to our shareholders for their constant support.
Based on the Shareholder Benefits Point Chart below, points will be awarded according to number of shares owned and duration held. In the Oiles Premium Benefits Club, you can exchange points for your choice from among a carefully selected lineup of over 4,000 products (examples: food products, alcoholic beverages, electrical appliances, gifts, travel, experiences, etc.). Additionally, you will be able to donate to our social contribution activities.

Shareholder Benefits Point Chart

Shares owned Initial fiscal year Second fiscal year onward
300-499 shares 5,000 points 7,000 points
500-799 shares 10,000 points 13,000 points
800-999 shares 15,000 points 18,000 points
1,000+ shares 20,000 points 22,000 points

Applicable to

Shareholders holding three trading units (300 shares) or more of our stock who are listed or recorded in our shareholder registry as of March 31 every year

Conditions for carry-over of points

  • Points alloted each fiscal year can only be carried over to the next fiscal year once.
  • The condition for carry-over of points is that the same shareholder number must be listed or recorded in the shareholder registry as of March 31 the following year.

Long-term shareholder benefits

From 2021 onward, those who have been recorded with the same shareholder number with 3 trading units (300 shares) or more in our shareholder registry as of March 31 two consecutive times or more will be awarded long-term shareholder special benefits points. Long-term shareholder special benefits points are points from the second year onward on the Shareholder Benefits Point Chart.

Oiles Premium Benefits Club

See details about our shareholder benefits system here.
This will transfer you to the Oiles Premium Benefits Club website (Only available in Japanese).

Oiles Premium Benefits Club support desk
(Toll-free: 0120-302-716 Weekdays 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. * Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, only from within Japan)

To become a shareholder

Open an account with a securities firm

In order to become one of our shareholders, you must first open your own account with a securities firm.
For more details, please inquire with customer service at a nearby securities firm or with a securities firm that offers its services online.

Purchasing shares

Our shares are sold on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market (Securities Code 6282).
One trading unit of our stock is 100 shares. Therefore, the minimum purchase price is the current price of our stock x 100.
For information about service charges and other costs that can arise in the trading of shares, please inquire with the securities firm.

Please note that we do not handle requests for stock purchases or any related procedures.
We also ask that you make stock purchasing decisions based on your own judgment.

See our stock price here.