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It all started with a small wooden bearing.


Multi-layer PTFE

Solve abrasive wear and adhesion under micro-motion without the need for lubrication.

FIBERFLON OH can be used in a wide range of application.

Service range
Lubrication conditions Dry
Service temperature range
Allowable max. pressure P
Allowable max. velocity V
Allowable max. PV value


  • Use Environment • This product can be used in air, water or seawater. • The friction characteristics do not deteriorate even if fat or oil adheres to the sliding surface of the bearing.
    Under minute movement • Lubrication film is formed to exert excellent wear characteristics.
  • Allowable surface pressure • Thanks to the dual structure of the sliding layer and backing material (FRP: glass fiber), this product offers load bearing characteristics equivalent to those of metal bearings.
  • Advantages over metal bearings • No need for application of initial grease. • Improved workability of assembly thanks to light weight. • No bimetallic corrosion in underwater/water splashing environment. ⇒ Applicable to a wide variety of mating shafts/No need for the installation of waterproof seals.
  • Other • Easy dimensional setting due to a low swelling rate. • Machining on the inner surface is possible.

PDF Catalog

For detailed product specifications, please refer to the catalog in PDF format.

*The catalog (PDF) contains the operating range, test data, standard product dimension charts, etc.